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Night Ride

Night Ride is an on-demand, curb-to-curb service to and from locations within the service area. Rides requests are accepted beginning at 6:00pm. Ride requests submitted before 2:00am will be honored.  Use the Transloc app to request a ride and track your van from your device or call (410) 516-8700 and the dispatcher will provide passenger(s) with an estimated time of arrival.

During the Fall and Spring Academic Terms, the Homewood Night Ride service is operated in conjunction with the Peabody Escort Van service, combining the two regions into one service area.  The Peabody service area is loosely bound by 20th Street to the north, Guilford Avenue and South Street to the east, Pratt Street to the south, and Howard Street to the west.


Download the TransLoc app to request a ride directly from your smartphone, visit, or call (410) 516-8700.


Here are some key points to keep in mind:

  • The maximum group size for a booked Night Ride is five.  Groups larger than this may split themselves into multiple smaller groups in order to utilize the service.  When individuals within a group have different destinations, it is often more efficient and helpful to book them as separate trips with the same origin location.
  • Upon arrival at the pickup location, TransLoc will send an alert to the rider.  The alert often states "The driver has indicated that they cannot see you."  Please do not be alarmed as this is the standard wording from our dispatch service provider.  The driver will wait up to three minutes before departing for its next pickup or dropoff.
  • Passengers are expected to carry all belongings onto and off of the van in one trip.  Passengers should not bring any more items than they can carry themselves.
  • Night Ride service prioritizes safety first, then convenience -- meaning that vans with sufficient space will often be sent to other passengers awaiting pickups prior to being routed toward a dropoff.  Since Night Ride is a shared service, passengers should expect that they frequently will NOT be taken directly from their pickup point to their destination.
  • If you ever have a question about your ride status, or the app isn't behaving how you expect it to, contact our Dispatch office at (410) 516 8700 and ask for assistance.

During peak service hours, dispatchers may transfer a pending ride from a Blue Jay Shuttle to Lyft. A Lyft driver will be sent directly by the dispatcher—riders do not need to call Lyft, nor use the Lyft app, nor pay. Riders will be notified by text message when their Lyft vehicle arrives.  Passengers are encouraged to verify that the vehicle they are about to get into is the one described in the text message.  Upon arrival, the driver will wait no more than three minutes, so be ready to go!

Additional questions, comments, or concerns about our Night Ride service may be directed to

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