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Parking Vouchers

Campus departments may pre-purchase parking vouchers for their visitors via department/internal payment only.  

  • South Garage: $12 weekday / $8 evenings and weekends
  • San Martin Garage: $10 weekday / $8 evenings and weekends

These vouchers can be purchased (minimum of 10 required) by emailing with the following information:

  • Requestor Name/Department
  • Requestor Phone campus phone number
  • Requestor email address
  • Request type: Service permit, South garage voucher, San Martin garage voucher, etc.
  • # of vouchers/permits being requested (remembering that garage vouchers have a minimum of 10 required)
  • Cost Center/IO that should be billed
  • Fund # (if applicable)
  • If vouchers to a garage was requested, please advise if they should be emailed or printed for pick up in the Parking office.

******Visitors using vouchers will simply need to scan the ticket that was pulled upon entry at the exit gate, once the amount owed appears, you will scan the voucher at the exit gate and the gate should raise.****** 

  • JHU Campus Metered visitor hangtag: $10
  • School of Education lot visitor hangtag: $6

    Vouchers must be purchased in advance and provided to visitors prior to their arrival, as they must be dated and displayed in the vehicle while it is parked with permanent ink ONLY.