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Parking Permit Application

Complete the form below to apply for a Johns Hopkins University parking permit or update your information. 

Please note the following: 

  • JHU / JHHS ID Card #: JHU IDs numbers are 16 digits starting with 601. JHHS IDs numbers are 7 digits, 5 a dash and then 2 (ex: 99999-99)
  • PERNR Number: Please see your e210 or contact HR Shared Services
  • Odyssey students please select "Other" for Employer and Affiliation
  • Parking Location: If you're unsure of the closest lot to your location, please see our parking map
Driver Information
Vehicle 1 Information
Vehicle 2 Information
Permit and Payment Details
Accessible Parking Needed:
University Parking Regulations
PLEASE READ: In accepting a Johns Hopkins University parking permit, I agree to be bound by the official regulations governing travel on the University property.
I Accept:*
You must select "Yes" for your application to be processed
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