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Parking rates vary based on location and type of parking. Faculty, staff and graduate students (if receiving pay from the University) may pay for parking via payroll deduction. Current monthly rates are:

  • Parking Garages
    • ?Reserved spaces: $150
    • General parking: $107
  • Surface Lots
    • On Campus: $67
    • Off Campus (Charles Village): $67
    • Eastern Campus Upper Lot: $55
    • Eastern Campus Upper Lot Reserved: $79
    • Departmental Reserved Lots: $99
  • Faculty Hangtag: $107
  • Accessible Parking: $67
  • Evening Only Hangtag: $10 through end of fiscal year

Apply for a Parking Permit

Parking Garages 

There are three main garages on the Homewood Campus, accessed using your J-Card. These facilities are the most centrally located parking options we offer.

South Garage (Reserved and General Parking)

The South Garage is located under the Decker Quadrangle, with elevator access to surface level at Mason Hall. Reserved spaces in the South Garage are numbered. Permit holders will have sole access to their assigned space from 6 am to 6 pm on any regular campus business day excluding University holidays.

West Gate Garage (Reserved Parking)

The West Gate Garage is located on campus behind the Johns Hopkins Club, near the Chemistry building. Reserved spaces in the West Gate Garage are numbered. Permit holders will have sole access to their assigned space from 7 am to 6pm on any regular campus business day excluding University Holidays.

San Martin Garage (Reserved and General Parking)

The San Martin Garage is on the west side of campus on San Martin Drive, a short walk from the Homewood Campus. Access to the campus is via a pedestrian bridge over San Martin Drive, or the exit on the north side of the garage to street level. Reserved spaces in the San Martin Garage are marked as reserved, but not assigned to a specific individual. Permit holders will be provided with a hangtag that must be displayed in their window or rear view mirror at all times.

Surface Lots 

There are five surface lots are close to or on the edges of the Homewood Campus that provide convenient access to our campus at a lower cost than the garages. These lots are accessible using your J-Card, with the exception of 115 West University Parkway, which requires a hang tag.

Wyman General is on the south end of Campus on Wyman Park Drive.

Muller Deck and Homewood Field (North Surface lot permit, permits you to park in both locations) serve the north end of the campus. Muller Deck is on San Martin Drive, across from the Bloomberg building. The Homewood Field lot are accessible from University Parkway.

Peripheral Lots

Some off-campus buildings have dedicated surface lots nearby, including:

  • Interfaith Center
  • Abel Wolman House
  • Steinwald Alumni House
  • Education Building
  • Johns Hopkins Press
  • Johns Hopkins at Eastern (Upper Lot)

Parking hangtags for these lots are available only to paid permit holders who work in those specific buildings.

Departmental Reserved Lots

Small parking areas behind the Athletic Center, Olin Hall, 3001 Remington Avenue and along Wyman Park Drive are reserved for employees of the respective buildings.  A limited number of spaces are sold, with overflow parking at the Muller Deck for Athletics Reserved and Wyman Reserved for Olin Hall.

Faculty Hangtags

The faculty hangtag program provides convenient curbside spaces for faculty members on selected small campus surface lots, service roads, and on the Muller Deck. Faculty spaces are those located closest to academic buildings and offices.  Due to varying schedules and over-subscription (as we have not turned away any eligible requests), there is a small chance that a designated lot will be filled on an unusual high-attendance day. Should this occur, overflow spaces will be provided in the Wyman Reserved lot.

Evening Only Hangtags

Evening-only hangtags allow access to faculty spaces after 3:45 p.m. and open lots on campus beginning at 6 p.m. Monday through Friday, and all day Saturday and Sunday. A valid J-Card ID must be presented to the parking office staff, listing graduate student, post-doc, faculty or staff on the ID. Undergraduate students are not eligible for the evening-only hangtag under any circumstances.

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