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Faculty & Staff

Parking availability on the Homewood Campus is determined by affiliation with Johns Hopkins University and available spaces. Many of our more popular locations have waitlists at any given time. Faculty, staff and graduate students (if receiving pay from the University) may pay for parking via payroll deduction.

Accessible parking is available to qualifying individuals.

All parking spaces, garages and lots are subject to the Homewood Campus' published parking rules and regulations.


Full time faculty members may access all parking options on campus, including:

  • Faculty hang tags
  • Garages
  • Surface lots
  • Proximal lots
  • Daily / Visitor parking

Part time (evening) faculty may park on campus as well and are eligible for:

  • Evening-only faculty hang tags
  • Daily / Visitor parking

Staff and Graduate Students

Staff members and Graduate students working at the Homewood Campus may access the following locations:

  • Garages (excluding South Garage)
  • Surface lots (excluding Stony Run)

Staff members and Graduate students may also be eligible for other parking options depending on work location or department:

  • Proximal lots
  • Departmental reserved spaces
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