A new revision of the Homewood-Peabody-JHMI bus schedule has started this week. This update should vastly improve overall schedule reliability, compared to the version that began on January 28th. Although the earlier version addressed some inconsistencies and inefficiencies that existed previously, it introduced some new timing issues, which this version corrects. You can see the new schedule at https://ts.jhu.edu/Shuttles/. Schedule adherence will never be perfect, but, this version should be vastly more reliable than the one from earlier this Spring.

Rider feedback over the past few weeks has been instrumental in highlighting the areas most in need of improvement. We always welcome feedback to shuttles@jhu.edu, via the Mystery Rider Feedback Form on the Transportation Services website (http://ts.jhu.edu/Shuttles/MysteryRiderFeedback), or the feedback option within the TransLoc Rider app.