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On Saturday October 20th, Homewood-Peabody-JHMI service will begin with the 255pm departure from JHMI and the 320pm departure from IFC.  Morning and early afternoon service will not operate due to numerous road closures related to the Baltimore Running Festival.  Please visit or for the latest updates.
Due to an event occurring on The Beach, the circle in front of MSE Library will be closed to traffic from 430pm to 9pm this evening.  During that time, passengers should look for buses where the circle intersects with Charles Street.  Signage will be in place in front of the library.  Service will return to normal as soon after 9pm as possible.
Attention Night Ride users!  When using the TransLoc Rider app to request pickups, it is far preferable that you enter an address or a place name as "Custom Pickup" and NOT "drop a pin" on the map.  Usually the first several letters will bring up the place name.  We find that the dropped pins often get improperly translated to the wrong side of the street or building than what you intend -- resulting in miscommunications and delays.  Make our job easier and your pickup quicker by entering your pickup address!
Bus and Shuttle schedules for 2018-2019 have been posted.  Please visit for details, and e-mail with any questions.

During Artscape (Thursday July 19th thru Sunday July 22nd), northbound Charles Street will be subject to closures and delays which will impact the northbound Homewood-Peabody-JHMI route. As a result:

-- stop #8 (Peabody) will be relocated to northbound Calvert Street prior to Madison Street;
-- stop #9 (Penn Station) will be relocated to Calvert Street prior to Mt Royal Avenue;
-- stop #10 (Charles/North) will be relocated to westbound North Avenue prior to Charles Street.

Expect delays throughout the event. For immediate assistance, contact our Dispatch office at (443) 573 8180.

The first parking rate increases in two years at the Johns Hopkins University Homewood and Eastern campuses go into effect on July 1, the start of the 2018 fiscal year.

The price of monthly parking permits on the two campuses will increase an average of less than 2 percent from current rates, with the exact fee depending on location and type of permit. Hourly rates for visitor parking at the South and San Martin garages at Homewood will also rise.

Homewood and Eastern monthly parkers who wish to keep their current permit after the rate increase do not need to take any action. Anyone, however, who wishes to change parking location, cancel a monthly permit, or join the monthly parking program should contact the Transportation Services office in the South Garage, send an email message to, or call 410-516-7275 (6-PARK).

All parking areas except the South Surface Lots have open spaces, and anyone waiting for a chance to choose a more convenient parking option should act now.

Parking fees are collected in advance from employees and from graduate students signed up for payroll deduction. Fees for the first half of July will be deducted at the new rates from June 30 pay deposits. Requests for July 1 parking permit changes must be made by Monday, June 19, to allow for payroll processing.

The new monthly rates are:

Homewood campus: Parking Garages: General parking, $105. Reserved spaces, $145. Surface Lots: South and North lots, $66. Peripheral lots, including School of Education, $66. Other: Departmental reserved lots, $96. Faculty hangtag, $105. Accessible parking, $66. Evening-only hangtag: $10 through end of fiscal year.

Johns Hopkins at Eastern: Upper lot, $53. Upper lot reserved, $76. Accessible parking, $66.

New hourly parking rates for visitors are available online.

Rates for department-paid parking vouchers will also increase July 1. Transportation Services will exchange already purchased but unused vouchers beginning July 5.

The Homewood/Eastern parking system is self-supporting. Parking fees cover construction debt repayment, maintenance, cleaning, labor costs and other expenses.

The results of the random drawing via have been announced via e-mail to all participants.

Those selecting San Martin at the surface lot rate were all accommodated. 

Those opting in to the drawing were randomly ordered, with the first 88 provided a permit to remain.  The balance (65) were waitlisted and provided a copy of the waitlist and offered a space at San Martin.  The discounted rate will be available to any of the 65 who opt-in by October 15, 2014.

JHU announced the Homewood Childcare Center, which requires closure of the Stony Run parking lot on October 4, 2014.   

Existing permit-holders are invited to indicate their parking reassignment via

Oct 2018  

JHU Transportation Services
3400 N. Charles Street
South Garage @ Mason Hall
Baltimore, MD 21218
410.516.PARK (7275)