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When Blue Jay Shuttle Night Ride drivers make pickups at residential locations, it's often difficult to see addresses, particularly now that it gets dark earlier.  If you request a ride from a residence, turn your porch light on to help drivers locate you.  And, it's always good to make sure your house number can be seen by first responders, in case you need them!  The simple step of turning your light on helps our drivers make pickups more safely and efficiently -- which helps them AND you!
On Saturday October 20th, Homewood-Peabody-JHMI service will begin with the 255pm departure from JHMI and the 320pm departure from IFC.  Morning and early afternoon service will not operate due to numerous road closures related to the Baltimore Running Festival.  Please visit or for the latest updates.
Due to an event occurring on The Beach, the circle in front of MSE Library will be closed to traffic from 430pm to 9pm this evening.  During that time, passengers should look for buses where the circle intersects with Charles Street.  Signage will be in place in front of the library.  Service will return to normal as soon after 9pm as possible.
Attention Night Ride users!  When using the TransLoc Rider app to request pickups, it is far preferable that you enter an address or a place name as "Custom Pickup" and NOT "drop a pin" on the map.  Usually the first several letters will bring up the place name.  We find that the dropped pins often get improperly translated to the wrong side of the street or building than what you intend -- resulting in miscommunications and delays.  Make our job easier and your pickup quicker by entering your pickup address!
Bus and Shuttle schedules for 2018-2019 have been posted.  Please visit for details, and e-mail with any questions.

During Artscape (Thursday July 19th thru Sunday July 22nd), northbound Charles Street will be subject to closures and delays which will impact the northbound Homewood-Peabody-JHMI route. As a result:

-- stop #8 (Peabody) will be relocated to northbound Calvert Street prior to Madison Street;
-- stop #9 (Penn Station) will be relocated to Calvert Street prior to Mt Royal Avenue;
-- stop #10 (Charles/North) will be relocated to westbound North Avenue prior to Charles Street.

Expect delays throughout the event. For immediate assistance, contact our Dispatch office at (443) 573 8180.

Due to Commencement activities on Thursday, May 24, the Homewood-Peabody-JHMI Shuttle will be operating on the Modified Schedule.

Peabody northbound stop will be temporarily relocated to the intersection of Charles St and Read St (2 blocks north) due to Flower Mart.

Effective 3:00pm Thursday 5/3 until 11:59pm Saturday 5/5

Due to the closure of JHU on Wed 3/21, there will be no transportation services offered.

Homewood-Peabody-JHMI Shuttle: Service will end at 6pm.

Keswick-Homewood-Eastern-JHMI Shuttle: Service unaffected.

Homewood-Mt. Washington Shuttle: Service unaffected.

Carey Business School Shuttle: Service will operate normally through the 5:15p departure from Homewood. The nighttime trips will not operate.

Blue Jay Shuttle: No Service.

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